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Sometimes you ask the age if you're courting, sometimes you wait until you talk to the parent."Former Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan told FNC's Neil Cavuto that while the claims of AL Senate candidate Roy Moore's accusers have "a ring of truth" to them, there should be no doubt about the motivation behind the story.The Washington Post launched a "kill shot" against the...Appearing on MSNBC Live With Velshi & Ruhle Wednesday morning, Roy Moore's attorney, Trenton Garmon, crashed and burned when he tried to defend the way Moore is responding to accusations of sexually abusing young girls.He suggested that because MSNBC host Ali Velshi comes from a "diverse background," he might not understand the culture of Alabama where it is a norm to ask a parent's permission before "courting." He said that Moore never approached a minor without first asking permission from a parent. "Culturally speaking, obviously there's differences." "I looked up Ali’s background there, and wow, that’s awesome you’ve got such a diverse background. "The point is this: Each culture has--" "What does Ali's background have to do with dating a 14 year old? "What does Ali Velshi's background have to do with dating children? And Ali's also spent time in other countries," Garmon countered. " "To answer your question, [Moore] said 'No,' comma," he continued.Kevin Hart is speaking out following his ex-wife Torrei Hart‘s claims that the comedian and his current wife, Eniko Parrish, started dating before he split with Torrei.

“She’s a strong woman — and the pregnancy isn’t going to change that.” Faryal, who married Khan in 2013, turned to a spiritual leader in a bid to save her marriage with the boxer.

Alyzeh posted a pic of her cutting a cake with her family.

Rumours about their relationship began last month when he began flirting with her on Instagram.

Torrei and Parrish went back and forth in now-deleted comments on Instagram, but on Monday, Torrei fueled more cheating rumors when she told TMZ: “Numbers don’t lie.

Dates don’t lie at the end of the day.” Adding, “She forced my hand to address this publicly.

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The boxer called Alyzeh "cute" in a comment on one of her posts - sparking an exchange of chatty messages between the pair.

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