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The interracial couple were strolling through Ellis Square, a public space in Savannah, shortly before midnight last Friday, when they say three black men began taunting them.

The provocation began as racial slurs, then the scoffers started blowing kisses and suddenly the trio jumped the boyfriend, Andrew Quade - who is white, beating him and leaving him barely conscious.

SAVANNAH, GA - A Savannah couple says they were attacked in Ellis Square because they are not the same race.23 year old Andrew Quade's eye is swollen shut and his face is swollen after he says he was attacked in Ellis Square Friday night.

He was with his African American girlfriend walking through the square when he says three men shouted racial slurs at them.

Usually these incidents occur in predominantly white neighborhoods, but I am sure the opposite can also be said, I just don't know of any.

I'd like to throw in my two-cents' worth and I hope you guys don't think I'm racist for it.

My husband thinks it's because black guys are good at BSing people and black women know it while white women fall for it.

Around here black guys pull the racist card a lot on white girls, accusing them of being racist if they won't sleep with them. I just don't like when people play the race card and do the old "woe-is-me-my-ancestor-was-a-slave" bit to get their way.

My friend was told that he was more than welcome to come in but I could not!!! We need to lern to live in Peace with each other and soon. In the Red states they probably would have beaten up the black woman instead. (sick joke) ) part of america, it would be a fair assessment to say that it would fall under the conservative title.A white man was beaten, stabbed, and burned with lit cigarettes because he dated a black woman! Originally posted by jeeze louise I can't understand why some people still feel this way.BOSTON -- A Norwood, Mass., man is accused of stabbing a man, stoning him and leaving him to be run over by a train because he dated a black woman, officials alleged Thursday. Officials alleged that Long was angry that Joseph Parks, a white male in his 20s, had once dated a black woman. In the Red states they probably would have beaten up the black woman instead. They must live with their heads buried in the sand, I feel sorry for them in a way, it must be hard to be so totally ignorant and misguided! I know people that have married outside their race, black with white ,white and oriental, ect.In September, Long and two other people, including Long's girlfriend, confronted the victim after smashing the windows to his house. I can not understand how any one will beat up a person because he or she is married or dating outside their race. Are we becoming so evil that we can't look farther that the color of our skin and hate one another because of it. I have a family member that married a black man (We are from Puerto Rico)and nothing bad happen.I can't understand why some people still feel this way. But I know how people in the streets talk when they walk-by , It is crazy!!

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