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'At some points I had to turn down the volume and cover my eyes or squint.'Luckily, her battle to force herself to watch the first season of the eerie sci-fi series wasn't in vain; the red-headed actress proved to be an incredibly popular addition to the cast of the show, and has been stealing headlines ever since its premiere last month.Sadie says that her sudden launch into the spotlight has been 'crazy', but insists that she is finding the experience 'cool'.Another wrote: 'The Duffer brothers pushing a child actor to don an unscripted kiss has left me a little shook.'Canadian actress Dani Kind tweeted that being presented with a 'script change' happens all the time on set. Enough.' 'A director’s job is to get the best performances from their actors AND make sure they feel safe and comfortable,” wrote Twitter user, Anna Marquardt.The family of Stranger Things star Charlie Heaton say he was 'caught with cocaine' trying to enter the US after the drug accidentally found its way on to his wallet.'Before season two came out, only a few people knew who I was and that I was going to be on season two, so I would get recognized occasionally but never as much as I do now,' she explained. 'A lot of kids in school will talk about [the show].'Now it’s like, I’ll go to Starbucks or I’ll go to the mall or anywhere and lots of people will recognize me and I’m like, "Oh wow, this is actually a thing now, this is happening." 'It can get a little bit crazy at times but I love meeting people, and people shouldn’t feel scared to come up to me and say hi. They’ll say who their favorite characters are, they’ll ask me questions about the season.Enjoy her big natural boobs, long sexy legs, juicy ass and more!Watch her fucking big black dildo on the couch and getting multiple orgasms 7.

Speaking to The Wrap, Sadie said: 'I mean, of course I was nervous because it’s a first kiss, right? I was just joking and you were so freaked out that I was like well, I gotta make her do it now.'Sadie responded by asking him: 'That’s why it’s my fault?

neither of those kisses were written in the script so we kind of dropped that on them the day of and caused a major panic. He then told the trade publication: 'You have to torture them a little bit.

You know you’ve got to entertain yourself some way. I know exactly how to push their buttons at this point.'But fans of the show expressed disappointment and disgust at the thought of the young actors being made to kiss when it made them uncomfortable.'The two grown men that created Stranger Things forced a child to kiss another child while they filmed,' stated one Twitter user.

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