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Roman gold coins dating from the reign of Julius Caesar and before have been found in the ancient cities of Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Polonnuwara and other historical sites in Sri Lanka.The ancient Egyptian pharaohs, who were buried in the Valley of the Kings and the pyramids, had their nostrils, sinuses and body cavities stuffed with black peppers, to preserve them, as part of the mummification process.The popular and accepted view that acupuncture originated in China is now up for serious review. This is quite plausible, as Sri Lanka has an ancient healing tradition that goes back into the remote depths of antiquity.It is a cogent and viable theory of my late friend and colleague Professor Doctor Sir Anton Jayasuriya that Sri Lanka may well have been there first; in fact centuries before the Chinese usurpers. The view that acupuncture "arrived", so to speak, with the classic Book of the Yellow Emperor (200- 400 BC), is clearly wrong. Moreover, Sri Lanka was the origin of much influential thought and substance.The Balangoda district is lush and fertile and supports all manner of crops.Farming was developed here and Stone Age Mesolithic Man selected it for settlement, finding it a rich, harmonious and congenial terrain.He is portrayed with 10 heads, signifying immense wisdom, and twenty hands, signifying great dexterity.One of the pairs of hands is holding what could be acupuncture needles. 500 BC) built the first general hospital in the world, according to American historians Will and Ariel Durant.

In 1991 Oetzi the "Ice Man" was discovered mummified in the Tyrolean Alps. Oetzi was recognized as a warrior and clearly had many skirmishes in battle and several injuries had resulted. The earliest maps of the world show it quite clearly, just off the tip of the Indian subcontinent, whereas China was unknown in the West.

Long before the Romans (400 BC), Sri Lanka had hydro spas, swimming pools, public baths with working spray-jet showers, major irrigation reservoirs and hydro-engineering skills that worked accurately to a fall of one inch in one kilometre. Archeological investigations, at several cave-dwelling sites, using accurate modern dating techniques, have shown continuous habitation here by the earliest modern Homo sapiens taking place for over 37,000 years.

Cro-Magnon Man (Homo sapiens sapientis, the wisest of the wise) may have come out of Sri Lanka and not "out of Africa" at all!

The king has always been invested with healing powers.

According to the epic chronicle the Ramayana, a king ruling Sri Lanka about 10,000 years ago, called Ravana, was also a great healer.

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What was remarkable was that there were marks on the body coinciding with known acupuncture points. Indeed there is a powerful myth that Sri Lanka was the original "Garden of Eden", from which innocent Man was expelled by an irate God!

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