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Just keep being you, have a calm, happy demeanor about yourself, be open and I think you'll do just fine. Especially on the female side as there are about 9 single dudes for every single woman here.So, If you are a guy, definitely have thick skin about it and don't take it too seriously.Work, school, the gym, mutual acquaintances, bars or coffee shops... Another view: They aren't all bad, caveat being if and only if an individual is *comfortable* meeting people that way. I'm in your age range (I'm 29), and I'm feminine/girly too, but pretty outgoing and engaging.Success requires game, favoring those who are emotionally prepared, articulate, and presentable. I smile a lot and men pretty much flock to me quite regularly. Most people would consider me above average physically, but I think as long as you show pride in your looks and are at least receptive to men, you shouldn't have much of a problem, even if you consider yourself average.I personally prefer the earthy looks of Seattle women, although sometimes I think they are a bit over-the-top grungy.Like they will go ta a nice restaurant wearing sweat pants and a sweat shirt, looking like they just got out of the gym..As most single females here have a line the size of a 1988 Soviet Union bread line waiting after a fun night out with you. I read a tons of stuff and it sounds like Seattle women are stuck up, mostly feminists and ugly? I've been to WA a couple of times and I think people look about the same with those I see in Boise and SLC.

No different from interviewing for professional positions, in my (extensive) experience: plenty of failures before a memorable success or two. Whereas people who are happy in their dating/love/friendship life are too busy enjoying it than to rave about it constantly on a message board.

So, I notice most Seattle coffeeshops end up functioning more as libraries where people do their work and don't want to be disturbed. But, let me be straight with you and I know you will hate me for saying it.

Personally, as a man, and many men will agree withe me, I think your criteria somehow makes you a bit on the superficial side, considering you judge men based on their credentials, jobs, etc.

The women *and* men in Seattle and on the eastside are amazing, outgoing, and sociable people.

I'm not just talking about co-workers or friends of friends, but random people I meet every day on my way to/from work.

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Well, not to pressure you, but your time is running out there..

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