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At one point on Friday, on a thread titled "Why the focus on sex instead of race?," a Google employee noted that "the paper is striking at a lot of people’s values.neuroticism," which "may contribute to the higher levels of anxiety women report on Googlegeist and to the lower number of women in high stress jobs." (Googlegeist is the company's annual data-driven employee survey.)Damore's memo brought a renewed focus to Silicon Valley's gender inequity, as well as the inevitable charges from conservative corners that Google was attempting to silence Damore simply for speaking his mind.

"Those guys like to pretend that they're silenced and afraid, but they're not."Damore's treatise invited derision internally as well.

On separate forums Ms Chen accused Ms Wu of "destroying" another woman's family by having an affair with a married man in their native China."..a person who was a mistress and destroyed the families of others is bad in essence," Ms Chen wrote."She was the one that boasted about helping my son get into private school by her acting as a referee, when I actually already had two friends write reference letters."She also wrote: "How dare you attack others when you buy fake products yourself?

"In her defence filed with the court, Ms Chen denied her posts convey the defamatory imputations Ms Wu claims.

However, if the court does find the imputations are conveyed, Ms Chen said she can successfully defend her conduct because what she had said was largely true.

She said on a 2012 playdate, Ms Wu encouraged Ms Chen's 12-year-old daughter to hit Ms Wu's 7-year-old.

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