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She also claimed Robin hit her and pushed her to the ground, before threatening her, in an alleged incident in April 2013.

Paula also accused her ex of cheating on her during their marriage, and taking drugs.

What is the best advice about parenting you have received? You wrote a couple of very funny books about fatherhood. We always tried to diffuse situations with humor, both when they were kids and certainly now with the challenges of adulthood.

Sometimes it's a dark, bleak, black sense of humor and that has paid off for us.

Thicke's oldest son, Brennan was a voice-over artist and now owns a medical marijuana dispensary in California. I was not strict at all and occasionally that bites you in the butt.

In an interview, I talked with Thicke who, by the way, has this great, strong, resonating voice that would have been perfect had he chosen to be an overbearing dad, however, as you'll see, was not the case... But generally speaking, I'm pretty happy with my kids.

The only single released from the album was a track called Get Her Back – written about their split.

Paula officially filed the divorce papers in October 2014, and the split was finalised in March 2015.

I'd be happy if they were orthodontists because straightening teeth will be around forever and show business can be fickle, but I also tell them to follow their dreams to the last drop ... Musician Robin Thicke is the most well known with his breakout, mega hit, "Blurred Lines," as well as his seventh studio album, , together with his third wife Tanya and his youngest son, Carter. My kids would say too laid-back, permissive and trusting.This is the type of discipline to which Paula and I agreed during our marriage.” On Thursday, January 26 it was claimed that Robin had temporarily lost custody of Julian after ex-wife Paula was granted a restraining order against him.According to TMZ, a judge issued a temporary restraining order after Paula accused her ex husband of physically abusing her during their marriage.Most recently with Carter, when he was around 4 and his mother and I were divorcing, he could be a little sour and take himself very seriously.We made a very conscious effort to have him lighten up and have a little fun with the world.

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However, Robin has hit back at the allegations and states in documents that both he and Paula agreed on punishment that was “consistent with the law”.

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