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Allow me to quote myself for ultimate posterity and shame: The picard double facepalm is not potent enough to describe what a boneheaded PR move this post is. Silence, ye bellowing hounds, I rebuked as I hit the Post button.

There was a voice in the back of my head screaming from past (Mi G-21) lessons learned, but pff! Funnily enough though, nothing really has gone wrong, per se. Software development is an exercise in constant trade-offs and choices.

the Story of currants that fed of count Tolstoy and his family for many years. But the desire to paint was so great, 1802 cadet Tolstoy becomes an auditor of Petersburg Academy of arts.

Count Feodor Petrovich Tolstoy (1783—1873) @- one of the brightest figures in the history of art and public activities in Russia of the 19th century. And despite the fact that he predicted the career of Admiral Fedor Petrovich resigned, became a student of the Academy. once presented as a gift to the wife of Emperor Alexander I, still life with branch red and white currants so pleased the Empress that she was welcome to Fyodor Petrovich with his hand diamond ring valued at fifteen hundred rubles.

However, this is not cool and did not stop the First step of the Emperor Alexander from Russia in 1813.

With a jeweler"s precision, he has created many works, admired for their subtlety and realism.

And after much deliberation, I’ve decided not to eat a sock.

Fyodor Tolstoy lived a very interesting and harmonious life of 90 years. Graduating from the Academy of fine arts, Fyodor Tolstoy became a bright and original master. Petersburg Mint, where he was awarded as the best master, raised to a decent level of medal art Medallions in memory of military events of 1812, 1813, 18 years. abandoning the military career to devote himself to art, Fyodor Tolstoy knew what awaits him excommunication from the house of noble parents, lost the goodwill of relatives, influential friends and acquaintances, and in a word poverty and deprivation. Fedor Petrovich in addition to the medal case masterfully and meticulously wrote still lifes, which was astonishing composition, volume, elegance, delicacy of lines and the carry-out shades. For this still life, the master was again like precious duel. For the Viggen, we experimented with new development methods, and developed new and very exciting in-house workflows, some focused around laser scanning technologies.After releasing the Viggen, we decided to put all of our new experience to good use.Our goal has always been, and will continue to be to raise the bar to new levels, and what better time to take a massive step forward than with the F-14?We knew it would be expensive, in both money and time - but our choices this year have been made without any hesitation. The results of this years events will not only be an aircraft with incredible simulation depth and accuracy, but an audiovisual experience that is dimensionally accurate down to the millimeter level, inside and out.

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Some are hard to make, but the decisions that led us to missing our window this year were as easy as pie.

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