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When I plucked the desire one night to go down on her I was quickly shot down by Maria and that embarrassment caused me to lose my erection. On the other hand I was noticing Priya more and more.I found the more time I spent around Priya the more relaxed she became.

Now this presented a dilemma for me as I started to realise her ass was simply to die for.We would get a bottle of Tequila and more often than not Priya would outdrink me for the night.Countless times Maria would tease me how her tiny roommate kicks my ass when it comes to drinking games.I'm just so glad all this changed within a year....During the time I was dating Maria she had an Indian roommate. She had long dark hair almost reaching her butt, a lovely petite body and a cute face.

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I would bump into her every time when I would go to pick Maria up and she'll just give me one of those cute shy smiles as I would wave goodbye to her.

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