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The website was eventually taken down after the police received a number of reports and complaints from the women, many of whom had no idea how the images had landed online.

Sharing such images without consent is illegal, and from time to time, the abuse comes to the fore.

Earlier this year this newspaper reported how the number of people investigated for sharing photos and sex videos of Maltese people without their consent had doubled.

In 2014, a Tumblr blog loaded with nude images of Maltese women sparked fears of cyberbullying and ‘revenge porn’.

The sources explained how the blackmailers coax their victims in with a friend request from a beautiful woman, often given a fake Maltese surname.

Once the request is accepted the scammers are quick to invite their prey for what they believe is a real-time video chat but is actually a pre-recorded hoax.

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The amendments introduced emergency protection orders, giving the police the right to evict perpetrators of domestic violence.All of this will also be available to you from our tablet and mobile apps.A friend request from a beautiful woman pops up on Facebook, quickly followed by a line like “Hey handsome. ” It might seem like an offer too good to refuse, but for many Maltese men this is the start of a nightmare that costs them thousands of euros and could risk their marriage.Meanwhile, the police are also grappling with another phenomenon – revenge porn.They said the rest of the cases they investigated were of images and videos recorded consensually but shared without permission.

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Eventually, it could cause unrest among young adult males who are unable to find partners.

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