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You can obtain information on the Computershare CIP by going to Computershare Trust Company, N. You are a registered stockholder if you have your stock in certificate form or if your stock is held in book-entry at the transfer agent, Computershare (formerly known as Equi Serve).

“Now with both Renz systems we have the capacity to produce 30,000 calendars in a 24-hour period.” But there is more to be done with wire binding, such as handbooks, manuals and diary products, for example.It joins a similar machine installed at the company 12 years ago.“It is more automated and has better software than the first,” says managing director Dilu “Terry” Mukadam. We will guide you in detail on how to apply for NBI Clearance online, NBI Clearance payment procedures, as well as the on-site processing.This new NBI Clearance online method aims for the application process to be more efficient with lesser processing time for the advantages of: Almost everyday,we receive messages regarding these issues and we try our best to help our fellowmen in resolving their problems.

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To download some and print out forms to assist in managing your stockholder account. A., is IBM's transfer agent, registrar and is the administrator for the IBM Employees Stock Purchase Plan, the IBM Dividend Re-investment Plan and the Investor Services Program.

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