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Shown here is the Darband-i Rania pass from the northeast.The site of Qalatga Darband is the triangular land beyond the bridge on the right Alexander the Great is arguably one of history's most successful military commanders.On its western flank, the city was protected by a large fortification which ran from the river to the mountain.It is situated on a large open site around 60 hectares (148 acres) large on a natural terrace.None are from eyewitnesses and all conflict to varying degrees.

Researchers at the British Museum first explored the site using spy footage of the area from the 1960s.'Where there are walls underground the wheat and barley don't grow so well, so there are colour differences in the crop growth'.A graphic of what the 'lost city' would have looked like, with a temple, inner fort and wine press facilities.In another version, he died speechless in a coma, without making any plans for succession.Undefeated in battle, Alexander had carved out a vast empire stretching from Macedonia and Greece in Europe, to Persia, Egypt and even parts of northern India by the time of his death aged 32.

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