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Using two fakes to either sideline is a new wrinkle, and one that makes the play virtually impossible to defend.Get sucked into the middle, and you risk Tyreek Hill blazing down one sideline.The Raiders and Broncos are 2-0 and the Chargers, though 0-2, have lost by a combined five points. The first was the Chiefs’ first play from scrimmage after halftime, a quick screen to Albert Wilson that used the Eagles’ aggressiveness up front and the Chiefs’ athletic linemen for a 12-yard gain.The Chiefs were lucky to have a three-point lead at halftime against the Eagles, and not just because their offensive line was being consistently bossed by the Eagles’ front. Not enough pressure defensively, and not enough space offensively. The entire first half, they only had two players longer than that.The Falcons beat the Bears, and the Steelers and Ravens each beat the Browns.The Lions beat the Giants, who appear to be an unmitigated mess right now.Get too far to Hill’s side, and you risk Kareem Hunt beating you down the other.

The Raiders and Broncos are 2-0 and the Chargers, though 0-2, have lost by a combined five points. They were being pushed back, outgained, and outmuscled.It doesn’t mean anything for how the last 14 games will go, and it’s particularly precarious when the Broncos and Raiders are also unbeaten, each with an impressive win — the Broncos blowing out the Cowboys, the Raiders winning at Tennessee. The Chiefs won 12 games last year, have won 24 of their last 28 regular season games, and the win at New England could come in handy at the end of the year when we’re calculating who gets home playoff games.The offense, in particular, looks like it’s going to be difficult to stop.I was two weeks away from taking her to the dyno when a motor mount plate ripped out of the rubber bonding. I sold the car to a young man in Illinois and do not know where it is now.This allowed the drive train to move around enough to pinch the oil drain line on the turbo. Will go through cooling, brake, fuel systems suspension and drivetrain in 2007 since 3997R is 33 years old and owner will be 62. If you have any information on this car please contact me.

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I have just over 1,000 legal miles on my 73 TCS since finishing her up.

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