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Niko and Roman are soon kidnapped by henchmen of Glebov's superior, the powerful but mentally unstable Russian Mafia don, Mikhail Faustin, and his erstwhile assistant, Dimitri Rascalov.

The two are interrogated in the basement of Faustin's mansion, however Faustin enters the basement, angry because he had not authorized the kidnapping.

Niko escapes and later concludes that the unit has been betrayed by one of their own soldiers.

He returns to the pit where his friends were buried, digs up the bodies, counted them, and identifies each of the corpses.

Niko joins the merchant navy in order to flee from Bulgarin.

He spends the following seven months at sea in the Atlantic Ocean, befriending the crew of the Platypus and contemplating Roman's requests for him to come to Liberty City.

Niko swims to safety, but Bulgarin accused him of escaping with the money.

Niko moved to Bohan, where he made contact with various drug dealers, including Elizabeta Torres and Playboy X.

He obtains further contacts including the Mc Rearys, a weak Irish-American crime family and allies of Torres, consisting of Packie, Derrick, and Gerry, Dwayne Forge, Playboy X's mentor and former friend who recently left imprisonment, Francis Mc Reary, one of the brothers of the Mc Reary crime family who has become a prominent yet incredibly corrupt police officer,and Ray Boccino, a caporegime in the Pegorino Family.

Deciding he has no choice, Niko confronts Faustin at his club, Perestroika, where he gets into a gunfight with Faustin and his bodyguards.

Chasing the him to the club's rooftop, Niko corners Faustin and aims a gun at him.

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Faustin gives Niko work as a hired gun, but eventually orders him to kill the son of a rival Russian mafia don, Kenny Petrović.

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