Gridview rowupdating e keys

To do that, create the following method, which you'll call from two places: Run the page.

(Note: although the database schema allows multiple courses, in the test data supplied with the database no instructor actually has more than one course.

Hi there, Is there any way to get the cells value in rowcommand. after updating I want to read those values and put it in textbox. So Can any one please tell me how to read the cells value in Rowcommand? Count - 1 ' To get values from a Column 1Dim str As String = Grid View1. Selected Row.cells[0].tostring or temp string= ctype(Grid View1. Getting Values for Each Row in a Grid View I want to be able to get the values for each row and assign them to a variable so I can output them to a bar chart.

Row Updating Dim select Row As Grid View Row = Grid View Wn. I want to take the Column[9] value in the Grid from Selected Third Row in Client Side. Is it possible to get cells value in row command in gridview? I need to get the value of cell 2 without selecting that row. inside the events you can get te id either by writig id=Grid View1. Find Control(controlname),label)).textnote : assume that the ID is handled by label control in your luck&quo...

When you select a course, you see details for the course and a list of students enrolled in the course.

You can edit the instructor name, hire date, and office assignment.

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Select an instructor who has a course assigned, and then select a course to see the details.

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