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He turned to Kristin, dropped his shorts and stepped out of them.

"Get me hard." Kristin needed no more encouragement. I saw the way you looked at my cockhead today on your front porch.

"I just screwed three teenagers." Kristin quickly undressed to get in the shower.

She felt the boys cum leaking out of both her ass and her pussy.

"Can't have this when Brent gets home." While she wanted to take a long shower, time was of the essence.

Kristin put on some granny panties she kept for when she was on her monthly, slid into a pair of sweatpants and put on an oversized T-Shirt.

Kristin sat back, gulping the last of Jeremy's cum. Thanks," said Jeremy, and he walked out the door to go home. "Miss Kristin, sometimes a little heat is a good thing, don't you agree? "Yes, you are," Kristin typed back, quickly touching her pussy that had gotten wet at the sight of Jeremy's cock. It drove Kristin crazy that Jeremy didn't respond to her last text. "C'mon, lemme show you around." They entered the home through an unlocked door in the garage.

Looking up at Jeremy, she said, "Didn't spill any," and licked her lips. " Jeremy slipped his cock back in his jeans and buttoned up. That Sunday afternoon Jeremy and Kristin had been texting back and forth. " He lifted the bottom of his shorts a few inches, exposing the head of his cock to Kristin. But she was determined to not be so obvious about her desperation, so she didn't text him again. Kristin felt uneasy about trespassing, but felt excited to be there with Jeremy.

She jacked his cock, trying to get all of his seed. She flashed her teenage paramour her neatly shaved pussy, showing off her landing patch to him. Taking a quick look at the kids and Brent, Jeremy popped a little surprise for Kristin. Jeremy was wearing an oversized t-shirt untucked, and had arranged his large penis to run down the inside of his left pants leg. She regretted sending the text right after she hit 'send', wishing that she'd waited him out some and made him chase her. But the truth was that she was infatuated with Jeremy's huge cock. "My stepdad does the plumbing in these places," Jeremy told Kristin.

Jeremy sensed her uneasiness, and decided that there was nothing he could say that would help her right now. Kristin continued to try to deep throat Jeremy, but couldn't get more than five inches in her mouth as he was not only long, but very thick too. "Not sure of Brent's work schedule." She once again tried to take all of Jeremy but failed. Something I think you'll enjoy." "What I'd enjoy right now is if you'd cum in my mouth.

I want to taste you so bad." Kristin looked up at the hulking 18-year-old.

She was playing with her cellphone when Jeremy strolled up. Jeremy took her into the master bathroom where there was a large double sink vanity with track lighting over the seven-foot-wide marble counter.

"I thought we might have some privacy here," Jeremy said, unbuttoning his shorts.

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