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The facts suggest people in old ages were more open minded than some of today's democratic societies.Later on prostitution developed to a form of entertainment that was marked as a luxury privilege for wealthy and powerful.Mostly it's a language issue, but in many cases people familiar with the Chinese system want to keep this information a secret.We all know the negative effects of over-exposure to tourism.

In the Philippines - where barfines are considered legally questionable - the term might be replaced by expressions such as Finding information about hookers in China proves more difficult than in most other countries.

Procon Prostitution published a great timeline of historic documentation from Ancient Times through Middle Ages until today showing the course development.

Did you know that in Old Greece 'Athenian lawmaker and poet Solon founded state brothels and taxed prostitutes on their earnings in the 5th century BC? equivalent of an ordinary worker's day salary.' Most records deal with state's and government's involvement in brothel keeping and taxing.

The World's largest photo sharing portal shows plenty stills of whores online.

Check out Ladies of the Night album for a collection of historic photos of the last 100 years.

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Certainly, there are escorts and exotic dancers who openly solicit for prostitution, but they are not part of legal prostitution, but operating a very risque game that may lead themselves and their customers into a jail cell sooner or later as lots of undercover cops are trying to curb this trade.

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