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Activities Your best bet is to ask the groom beforehand if there’s anything he really does or does not want to do (you may want to add to the obvious, or do something different altogether).

Just don’t do anything that may jeopardize the wedding!

For a cheaper option, plan to take public transportation, taxis or other ride-sharing services.

Or, if you have someone willing to play designated driver, rent an SUV.

But if you’ve got the funds, a ceremonial last supper of steak makes an A1 choice.

Whatever you have in mind, send out your Evite invitation at least a month in advance to ensure the best turnout.Since those who attend will split the cost of the party, specify roughly how much it’ll cost right on the invitation.Tips If you’re planning anything costly, whether it’s whitewater rafting or renting a limo, record who, what, when, where and how much in writing, so you can keep track of costs.Try the bachelor-themed one below, or this premium, suit-and-tie invitation for a fancier outing.Or check out more designs in our bachelor party invitation gallery.

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Before the sun comes up, stop at an all-night diner for eggs, bacon, coffee and pie.

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