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One field that may need to be set is the Country field as this is mandatory for Open TV data collections.A detailed description of all the parameter settings available is in Appendix 1.musicman352000, New Zealand ideasman69, Australia Tony B, Australia Ben Ryder, UK Ozgur Altun, Turkey Paul White, UK Mark Frankland, UK DRCars, United States ======================================================== 2.When asked if the parameters currently loaded are to be used answer 'Yes'.The collection process will run and it's progress can be seen in EPG Centre.

This is available either by right clicking on the desktop icon or by navigating to the file EPG and right clicking on it.

It contains various options that are only used in relatively unusual collection scenarios.

The fields should only be set under the direction of the developer.

If it is merely placed in the TVSource XMLTV directory the EPG Source should be set the XMLTV source and if it is processed by some other software (eg BSEPG) the EPG Source should be set as described for that software.

I am looking for (an open-source, aka "free") data-source for universal EPG / XMLTV services? : Select lineup: 0: Digital Terrestrial Lineup (TER) 1: Fresh Meadows, Verizon Fios Queens (CAB) 2: Fresh Meadows, Verizon Fios Queens (Digital) (CAB) 3: New York, DIRECTV New York (SAT) 4: New York, DISH New York (SAT) 5: New York, NYU Campus Cable (CAB) 6: New York, RCN Cable (CAB) 7: New York, RCN Cable (Digital) (CAB) 8: New York, Rainbow Satellite The Tate (CAB) 9: New York, Time Warner Cable St.

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EPG Centre will list the location of the directories it uses in the log on loading.

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