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She continued “My article will be compared with everyone else’s here, so it has to be good and must have reality in it……

I mean to write what it’s like with the man with the biggest balls in the world. “You’ll have to drink me.” With that she grabbed the glass and peed straight into it. A hiss came from her mouth as I slid more and more inside of her vagina.

“Then escort him to the beam and have him prepared.” The two girls took my hands and walked thru to another stable.

The girls steadied the beam as I walked sideways up the stairs onto a stage about 2 foot above the floor. Somethings won’t be easy, but, above all I want respect and politeness. ” “Yes mistress.” I answered, feeling very nervous this time. “Ladies, you may ask him a question, but one at a time please.” “Slave, do you still feel humiliation standing like this in front of us? When you have sex with a client, do you have sex with them or make love to them? Any woman wanting a child deserves to be made love to.” “Slave, your body has been extensively modified. How do you feel about further changes made to your body?

She pulled her white top off that then revealed a large frilly white bra supporting her large breasts.

She stood to the side of me about six foot away just mainly staring at my erection and hanging testicles. “How do they feel, I mean how do you feel with such large balls?

A page boy hair cut but looking closer I thought her hair was bleached. My balls are supported in a harness and usually I have a urine feed bottle attached to my mouth should the mistress need to urinate during the night.” I replied.

She reached behind her back and unsnapped the release to her bra. Next she pushed her pink panties down her legs revealing a shaven vagina. It’s the first time a man has seen me naked.” she said. I so wanted to hug her but this was the humiliation the mistresses wanted. I had always fantasied having a child to a young bride. “So you can get all my sperm out of my penis when we have sex.” I said. If I have a baby to you, does that mean we have to marry?

Her tongue met mine and we kissed and licked each others lips. Next she dropped her skirt and placed it on the chair as well. She was now blushing as she knew I was watching her. Was she going to have sex for the first time or imagine what the experience was like and write about it I wondered. wishing I could be the father of your child.” I said cheekily. Her mouth had very thin lips which turned down at the sides giving her an even harder look.

My head bridle was removed and the leather straps around my body. My bowel was full of their urine and I was standing there not even able to see my own penis. I want exercise from your arms before we start the next stage of this evenings events.” she said. My hands on my head, my bowel distended and the anus plug holding back a flood of urine. In total it was about 8 feet long, but it also had a series of holes at about an inch apart drilled thru it.

Finally she pulled off the rubber mask, but my hands were left tied behind my back and my tail left in. They started about 3 foot out from the collar on either side and were drilled evenly spaced for about another foot along it. My arms were then raised and held against the wooden beam. “I need to inject the Pallanium before we start to increase your sperm output.” she said. My arms outstretched on the beams, legs pulled wide apart with my filled balls hanging there and a massive erection pointing at the curtain. It is time to reveal the Chateaus first male breeding slave. “I want your cock in me now, just as a rehearsal for the real thing.” I stood there with my arms apart and my balls dangling as she held my penis to her vagina and pushed her body onto me. I pushed hard into her womb as she pushed herself onto me.

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She looked at me and remembered what I had said about femdom. “I haven’t finished yet.” She filled it again and poured more down my mouth. She moved out of my vision then came back with a condom in her hand. Her eyes then closed and she winced as I entered her further.

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