Chat lines to fuck

Through the conversational lens of this new work, the two cult icons candidly discuss queerness and creativity in the context of a world which continues to burn.

“It was one of those talks you have with your creative friends about how you don’t know what the fuck will happen next.

There are a handful of magical videos on You Tube which encapsulate the chemistry shared between CHRISTEENE and Peaches.

Individually, both have amassed filthy, beautiful portfolios of work intended to tear up and piss on any notion of normality; a common mission outlined recurrently throughout our three-way phone call.

My director, PJ Raval, and I, think of these crazy expensive looks, realise we can’t afford them and then just build it ourselves. Queer spaces are closing – there’s a limit to how far we can push it if we can only thrive within those contexts. But we’re still existing, and we have to stay visible. They’re like ‘fuck these bars, let’s make our own spaces’.

It’s this beautiful, janky, heartfelt, home-made message, and I love that about both of our work – we can see the care that goes into it. That these weirdos are doing that in the heart of Texas proves that something is still cooking.

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