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Julia turned over and realised that her G was round her knees. "Hi Sofie - I popped in to see how things were going and look what's happened – I've had a fabulous massage, drank a G & T, and lounged in the sun with your gorgeous naked husband playing with me." She then did a double take at the 12 inches throbbing in my wife's hand. I went into the house to open a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc – my wife's favourite is the Quincy.I came out with a cooler and the bottle, a few glasses and my cigarettes. Enjoying the sensations of the gentle breeze brushing across my body and the gentle chirping of the local Blackbird.I've been a nudist for a number of years and have sat naked in front of many people including my family and friends.As I lit one up I watched my naked wife climb on top of Julia and continue where I'd left off.I sat at the teak table and poured the glasses out, enjoying the gentle pulsing of my penis against my stomach.Sadly, none of the others have the same feelings and regard me as a bit of a weird exhibitionist.

I suddenly thought about our privacy – our back garden is just about private in the summer as the leaves bush out, but – as anywhere in London – there are a few windows that overlook us.Sofie grabbed the oil and poured it over tits in a long stream, before lying down on her sister and using her body to rub the oil into herself and Jule. Now, as they lay on the sun bed, I had a lovely view of their two naked cunts gently grinding into each other, my wife's covered in a down of red hair and Julia's completely smooth and shaved .The girls then turned over so that they were lying next to each other on the sun bed, arms draped around each other's shoulders and reaching out for the wine that I had poured.Jules is my wife's sister and an utterly beautiful blond with voluptuous tits (about 34D) and a figure to die for.I am pretty spoilt, since my wife is a model who is the spit of Nicole Kidman (or Nicole is lucky enough to look like my wife).

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