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The most important thing I’ve learned as a documentary filmmaker is knowing when to put the camera away.

He has the ability to say such concise, brilliant things when you are interviewing him in the film. Well lucky for all of us, he chooses his words carefully.

He has a sense of humour like you’d never believe and a fondness for stray kitties.

I think journalists mistake his succinct communication for rudeness or something, but they’re only giving him a 30 minute window or something to summarise his entire being, which is a stupid idea in the first place – I gave him, like, 10 months to do it. I was trying to focus on filming, and I can’t do two things at once.

It was fully funded in less than 36 hours, and people continued to donate throughout the month. It also has some pretty universal themes to it too – sort of an embracing quality, we’re-all-in-it-together type of thing. We are constantly moving, constantly looking for a life that we feel we made.

I had to put a notice up asking folks to stop, because I felt bad enough asking people for money, worse receiving more money than I needed. There was one option where you could receive a picture of Bill holding a picture of you. For me, the narrative of the album reads like a person who is setting out on the road in a hunt for certain meaning – regardless of whether it’s considered an unconventional lifestyle or if what he finds is disappointing. Whereas people in other countries tend to stay in the place where they were born and foster the known, we are compelled to wander – as if one day we’ll just drive through a town we’ve never been to and feel an inexplicable sense of home.

I just wanted to be a fly on the wall, or mouse in the corner.

But he’d never talked to me about it, so I guess there’s the difference.There was this one vendor with a nice selection of rocks, and I bought a piece of amethyst for Bill that reminded me of the purplish mountain scene on the cover art for (you should always bring a gift).So I gave him the rock and then later I told him to go look at the moon because it was really pretty and full. Later, when I realised that I probably came off as a giant weirdo I was like: “I’m not gonna try to talk to him for the rest of the trip – because every time I open my mouth something stupid comes out.” My main goal was to not get kicked off the tour.The next day in LA, I had a similar freakout when I accompanied the band to dinner.I wasn’t sure if I should be filming it or not, so I picked up my camera and looked through the viewfinder and immediately was like “Wait, this is terrible! Later Bill and I had to have a talk about what exactly I was looking to film.

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