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Give him a little time to sit with his feelings and sort things out.

Like I say in Chapter 12, chances are he’ll come to the conclusion that he can’t live without you on his own.

I explain that it isn’t personal…It’s likely that Sam is apprehensive about the IDEA of commitment, not necessarily a commitment WITH Molly.“You see, a guy usually needs to EASE his way into a committed relationship like he would ease his way into a hot tub: He’s pretty sure that once he gets all the way into the hot tub (i.e.

commits), it’s going to feel AMAZING…But the first time he touches the water it feels UNCOMFORTABLY HOT…So he first has to dip his toe in and get used to that (i.e.

A man I have been dating for 5 weeks lands on two sides of the fence with how he talks. In it, I talk about the fact that men tend to panic as a relationship starts to get serious.

He has told me twice he wants a relationship and to be married. This is usually a result of the “infatuation” phase running its course (this is not a bad thing and it’s no one’s fault – as I explain in Chapter 12 – it’s all chemical! The next phase is “attachment,” where your commitment to one another is solidified, you’re on the same page emotionally, and you can start looking toward your future together.

He calls, I call, we are intimate, he has told his family about me, my family has met him once. In fact, he invited himself over Saturday to be with me and my adult kids (we were having a baby shower for my oldest daughter). Unfortunately, most guys need to make a little pit stop between “infatuation land” and “attachment ville.” When a man feels himself getting in deep with a woman (even if he’s sure he’s crazy about her), he sometimes will get overcome by fear and pull back for a while.

”Then Molly makes another face…One where she kind of squinches up her eyes and purses her lips as if to say, “Okay, Paige… Dish it.”I laugh again and say, “First of all, Molly, you and I both know that you can’t MAKE him realize that you’re ‘the one.’He should KNOW it because he’s had the privilege to spend time with the amazing, gorgeous, brilliant, hilarious person you are. As much as most of them really DO want a relationship with a special woman, when the opportunity actually arises to CREATE that relationship, THEY FREAK OUT.”Molly takes a gulp of her margarita and nods her head.

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Well, then, why waste another second of our precious time on a doofus who can’t recognize how fabulous we are anyway?!? I have not given up hope, but truly don’t understand. -Sandra Atlanta, GA”************************************************************************************************************************My Response:“Hi Sandra, Okay, first I’ll join you in a scream because men can be SO frustrating and confusing sometimes…ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From the details you’ve given me it seems fairly certain that his sudden freak out has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with you!

The “Drama of the Week” is from a reader whose boyfriend just might be displaying a TEXTBOOK CASE of what I call the “Pre-Attachment FREAK OUT.”Read on for a real-life example of how to handle this delicate situation…************************************************************************************************************************Here’s a letter I received the other day from a reader:“Paige, I’m confused. Have you read Chapter 12 of my e-book “Dating Without Drama” yet?

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